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24 November 2008 @ 01:19 am
1sr Forum Project: Digital Calendar  

So, the forum is starting a project, Digital Calendar. Please join if you wish to help, because we need helps. :D

So, this project is about calendar of course, as in images as calendar, and screensavers. If possible, Windows Vista sidebar gadgets too. OK I suck at summarizing the whole thing. Anyway, you can go here and view those topics as guest.

or these quick links

Main topic for discussion
Discussion #2: Dates for the Calendar
Discussion #3: Quotes

We currently need:
someone who can make Vista sidebar gadget
more interesting dates
and quotes

oh oh oh ya! you can help us to promote this project. :D I allow you to hotlink the banner above. :O just that one, ok?


Any questions about this project you can ask here, or in the forum.

this is a no-money-involved project. :D Help us to make this successful please! *puppy-eyes*

soooooooooooo join us!! tell your friends and etc, if they can't help, at least they can support cause' that means a lot to us. :D :D thank you!
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