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subbed videos of Gossip-Whatever

& hello. #2

This community is created to share the videos we subbed. For more uploads of non-Gossip-Whatever-subbed, please go to http://gossip-whatever.blogspot.com/, and
http://gossip-whatever.co.nr/ for gossips and updates. The releases will only be posted on here on the same day we release it on forum but members-locked and the post will make public after 2 days. As for here we'll be posting a week after we released it. Join the forum and this community to get the releases sooner.


1. No re-posting links outside of gossip_whatever or forum or the blog. Point them to the entry's links, entries will only be locked in this community for 2 days, and public forever since then.
2. No redistributions.
3. No asking for soft subs.
4. No re-uploads.
5. Only the staffs can post the links and informations to the other places, and upload to streaming sites. If you wanna help to upload to streaming sites, email us to get permission.
6. By downloading to the videos you agree to our rules.

Sign up in the forum and pm the admins if you want quick reply.

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